Tushar Grover in NH10

Tushar Grover
Movie - NH10
Directed by Navdeep Singh Produced by Anushka Sharma

Gyan Ranjan in Running Shadi Dot Com

Gyan Ranjan
Movie - Running Shaadi.Com

Directed by Amit Roy Produced by Shoojit Sircar

Nistha Nagi in Dil Patang

Nistha Nagi
Movie - Dil Patang
Directed by Vivek Daschaudhary Produced by Stance Cine Vision

Siddhant Agarwal in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan

Siddhant Agarwal
Daily Soap - Ek Mutthi Asman
Zee TV


Student Project

Short Film - "Unknown Friend"

Plot - A boy is a dead beccuase of cancer. He meets beautiful girl who works in library. she loves him very much. When she decide to marry with him. He lost his life.


Acting School Student kashish

“IADA Mentors challenge students to reach deeper and deeper and develop a reliable technique that immediately translates to working on a film or TV show. Stylish Pradeep Kharb is the best acting teacher I know of in India, and he and his team have a fantastic Acting Studio. Go there.”

– Kashish (IADA Student)
Acting School Student Aakansha

“This IADA is one of the best acting schools in the country for the simple reason that its teachers never lose sight of the bigger picture – placing integrity of craft and true growth over quick shortcuts and cheap gimmicks. Wherever you are as an actor, or think you are, this is the place to explore and be challenged to find that magic you seek.”

– Aakansha (IADA Student)
Acting School Student Siddhant

“IADA has enriched my acting in ways I couldn't have imagined. It pushed me to go deeper and I'm forever grateful.”

– Siddhant (IADA Student)
Acting School Student Kartik

“All I can say is, the style of this school, the serious approach, professionalism, respect and love of true acting has inspired me as a person, making me a much better actor.”

– Kartik (IADA Student)
Acting School Student Karan

“At IADA, I got a flavour of genuine mad world of Bollywood. At the same time it is a place grounded in reality, where you get the truth about the industry from people who are actual actors out there doing it right now and tell it like it is.”

– Karan (IADA Student)
Acting School Student Pankaj

“I felt something was missing in my work. I wasn't having any more fun with it nor getting any better at it. IADA allowed me to play again and remember why I got into acting in the first place. I started booking jobs every single month because I was able to immediately use what I learned in the classes in my auditions. I love IADA for that instant gratification.”

– Pankaj (IADA Student)
Acting School Student Harshit

“IADA is a unique and serious school - it is not like a shop many others are. It has taught me the fundamentals of acting and continues to teach and nurture me as an actress. This a school for people serious about their craft and willing to put in the time and effort to realize their goals. Everyone involved is dedicated and exciting. It's wonderful to have mentors that really care since it impacts the students so much. The Boot Camps are really well structured programs.”

– Harshit (IADA Student)

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