The role of the photographer in our world is a powerful one. The photographer documents our human journey, informs us, captures our essence and fills our world with his or her creations. The world of photography is also constantly evolving. To be successful, one must combine a visual flair with the proficiency needed to master the advanced technological changes this field is continually experiencing. Photography is designed to provide you with a study of the elements of photography and the ability to capture a moment through your lens that evokes a response.

To produce a visually compelling image, a photographer needs more than creativity – a photographer needs to have working knowledge of composition, lighting, camera and technical skills and a thorough understanding of the subject. As a student, you will have an opportunity to learn these skills and be challenged to build upon the creativity and proficiencies you already possess.

Photography Teacher

Since the age of 18 David Charlins has demonstrated his fascination with the visual image and has remained steadfast ever since. He is a graduate from Colorado Mountain College with a degree in Professional Photography. David’s Photography has been published world wide in various newspapers and magazines, including Flaunt, People Magazine, The London Times, The LA Times, etc…He currently resides between Los Angeles and Dallas, where his technical background has enabled him to expand his abilities in wide range of creative photography. for details visit

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